The Course

The Under Armour Charles Street 12 presented by KELLY starts at the Shops at Kenilworth on Kenilworth Drive, and continues south via the Towson bypass to Towsontown Boulevard. After turning right on Towsontown Boulevard, runners will turn left on Osler and run past Towson University and the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center. Osler dead-ends at Stevenson Road and runners will turn right travelling past the Rodgers Forge – Dumbarton Fields, through the Rodgers Forge neighborhood before making a left on Charles Street and heading downtown on Maryland’s most beautiful scenic byway. Runners will enjoy running through Charm City’s most charming neighborhoods and past Maryland’s most esteemed religious, historical and educational institutions. When runners finish the long descent to the Inner Harbor, they will run along the promenade and finish at Power Plant Live where they will enjoy the Power Plant Live post-race party.

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To our participants,

Many of you have feared the Under Armour Charles Street 12 presented by KELLY because of the monster hill at Kenilworth and Charles and the long climb from GBMC to Bellona. While this is a beautiful stretch of our scenic byway, it is quite hilly and has actually never been part of the course.

We are running Osler Drive by Towson Tiger Country and the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center instead. We are accessing Charles Street from Stevenson Lane. Yes, there is the Stevenson Lane hill from Osler to Bellona, but we hope you will find it tame compared to the GBMC hill. Here is the course, which includes the topography.

Following the “bumps” at miles 1 and 3, this is a wicked fast course down to the water. It descends from its height at approximately 500 feet above sea level to the harbor. Enjoy the course, beautiful Charles Street, the Under Armour hoodie and the Power Plant Live! post-race party. We look forward to seeing you at the Under Armour Charles Street 12 presented by KELLY on September 3rd.

Happy Running and Stay Cool!


The Charles Street 12 Team

Course Turn-By-Turn

(Please keep in mind, this is a tentative course pending final police approval and final review of from the Department of Transportation for possible construction projects that will affect the course.)
Start on Kenilworth Drive in front of the shops at Kenilworth

Continue southeast on Kenilworth Drive to Bosley Avenue

Turn right on Bosley Avenue and continue to Towsontown Boulevard

Turn right on Towsontown Boulevard and continue to Osler Drive

Turn left on Osler Drive and continue to Stevenson Lane

Turn right on Stevenson Lane and continue to Charles Street

Turn left on Charles Street and continue through Baltimore City to W. Ostend Street

Turn left on W. Ostend Street and continue to Light Street

Turn left on Light Street and continue to Lee Street

Turn right at Lee Street and cut into the Inner Harbor Promenade
Continue around the Promenade to Pier 4

Continue around Pier 4 back to Pratt Street and the intersection of Market Place

Continue on Market Place and finish between Pratt and Lombard Streets